Civil Design & Work:

This business unit undertakes a broad range of heavy civil, infrastructure, roads and earthworks contracts for private clients, operating in all

Key services include:

1. Fluid distribution and storage.

2. Milling plants, material handling, silos and storage.

3. Power stations and industrial structures.

4. Roads, bridges and interchanges.

5. Dams, canals, pipelines

The unit has a large, competent and multi-skilled workforce that allows flexibility in the selection of contracts and an ability to easily adjust to the changing needs of the markets.



SYSCON believes the protection of the environment is an important element of our corporate culture and that no process is so important that we cannot find a safe, healthy and environmentally sound way of carrying out our projects.

When constructing projects in environmentally sensitive areas, such as critical dunes or wildlands, we work with local agencies to ensure strict enforcement of all applicable laws, ordinances, and directives. We routinely

segregate construction waste for recycling when applicable on project job sites.

Other Civil Work

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