Transmission Line Supervision Work:

Electricity is one of the key infrastructures for the acceleration of economic development of any country and is considered as an important input to improve quality of life. As a developing country, protection of investment is key to sustainable development and progress.

Quality assurance /Quality control (QA/QC) at our/other electric encompasses all project related activities, is compatible with contract requirements and provides for effective measures to ensure construction work and materials are in strict compliance with applicable specifications and requirements.

Bangladesh has the highest population density among all countries in the world that are not small island nations or city states and is one of the world’s most populous countries. The problem of inadequate power supply is an ongoing challenge for the country.

GoB has taken the policy to build all future transmission/sub transmission line by expensive HTLG (High Temperature Low Sag) conductor , To ensure Quality based compliance work with applicable specifications and requirements, SYSCON, SEMICON intl. and KOZ -EVER FIRST Associate initiate a pro-active activity by building a group of Independent Team.

The Independent Team is taking Hands On experience and training in the Transmission Line in string work in different projects.

Other Transmission Work

Transmission Line Supervision
Transmission Line Supervision
Transmission Line Supervision