Substation is the part of electrical distribution system. To distribute the power from generation to user end substation is a mandatory part. SYSCON has more than 12 years’ experience on 11KV substation. We try to give proper & accurate substation solution to client for their requirement. Because proper design means risk free use of power as well as longer life of substation equipment. SYSCON is developing capability to execute high voltage substations i.e. GIS or AIS up to the highest voltage level collaboration by international expert on relevant field.

Substation Construction main activities: -

  1. Substation design, preparation, and capabilities

  2. Substation automation

  3. Substation testing & commissioning

  4. Foundation construction

  5. Structural steel erection

  6. Cable trenching

  7. HT , LT & PFI Panel

Other Substation Work

Substation design, preparation, and capabilities
Substation automation
Substation testing & commissioning
Foundation construction
Cable trenching
HT , LT & PFI Panel