Electrical Design:

At the beginning, SYSCON started their business with industrial automation and industry based electrical design. As a part of electrical design, SYSCON can provide you with the following facilities based on modern technology as well as energy saving concepts.

I. Smart Process Planning

II. Smart Home designing

III. IoT based Home designing

IV. Electrical Equipment Selection

V. BOQ Making

VI. Schematic/Drafting

VII. Lighting System

VIII. Power System (Substation and Wiring)

IX. Telecommunication infrastructure

X. Safety & Protection System

XI. Fire Fighting System

XII. HVAC System or Central Cooling System

XIII. Cable Engineering for Industry

Other Electrical Designs

Smart Process Planning
Smart Home designing
IoT based Home designing
Electrical Equipment Selection
BOQ Making
Lighting System
Power System (Substation and Wiring)
Telecommunication infrastructure
Safety & Protection System
Fire Fighting System
HVAC System or Central Cooling System