Testing & Commissioning:

Testing & commissioning is essential to the startup of any electrical system for the first time, regardless of size or industry.  Once equipment is installed, Electrical Testing Solutions will perform visual, mechanical, and electrical tests to help ensure trouble-free energizing of the equipment. Electrical testing confirms that equipment meets optimum performance standards and provides test data documentation to use as a benchmark for future testing. That is why, SYSCON is offering you the following test facility for smoothing your production: –

  1. Insulation Testing.

  2. Earthing and Continuity Testing.

  3. Contact Resistance Test.

  4. HIPOT Testing.

  5. 6 Phase Relay Testing.

  6. CT/PT Testing.

  7. Primary and Secondary Current Injection.

  8. Transformer Turn Ratio Testing.

Other Testing Work

Insulation Testing
Earthing and Continuity Testing
Contact Resistance Test
HIPOT Testing
6 Phase Relay Testing
CT/PT Testing
Primary and Secondary Current Injection
Transformer Turn Ratio Testing