Service & Support:

SYSCON always try to provide prompt support for every single call as well as service & support is our main strength, you can get the service and support from SYSCON for industry sector as following mentioned field & products: -

  1. Siemens Based Automation

  2. Siemens PLC & VFD Supply & Installation

  3. 11 KV & 33 KV Sub station

  4. Solar Power

  5. Busbar Trunking System.

  6. Residential Electrical Wiring

  7. Electrical & Mechanical Installation work

  8. HVAC Design and Automation

  9. MCC Panel Design

With the growth of cities & industries, indoor substations and Generators are increasingly being built in urban areas, which means size, silence and aesthetic appearance are becoming key considerations for these installations. Meet the challenges of your most valuable and hazardous asset. With the increased demand of electricity, we need more attention and more safety. There is an alternative to provide Proactive service support.

 Service & Support for Residence: -

  1. Addressing Safety Issues

  2. Load Re-assessing

  3. Testing & Monitoring

  4. Annual Maintenance

  5. Report Generating

We committed to provide all sorts of service & support to the owners for short or long term based. Which may include spare parts also. It gives the customer comfort in keeping the price of parts and services valid for several years.

Other Service & Support

Siemens Based Automation
Siemens PLC & VFD Supply & Installation
11 KV & 33 KV Sub station
Solar Power
Busbar Trunking System.
Residential Electrical Wiring
Electrical & Mechanical Installation work
HVAC Design and Automation
MCC Panel Design